Tuesday, June 10, 2008

not again...

Right now I'm thinking about The Secret and Mary Kay Ash saying, "What you think about, you bring about." Then I sigh, wondering if Patrick and I are "bringing about" all the feline mayhem in our home??

The story continues...

This morning I was up at 6am on a scheduled conference call. Toward the end of the call, I hear some ruckus coming from ...you guessed it!...the swamp cooler. Now, mind you, the cover to the swamp cooler had been replaced and wedged into place pretty securely. So I wander over, thinking to myself, "Didn't stupid little Lunch learn her lesson?? Surely she didn't get herself stuck in there again!!"

So, looking into the swamp cooler, fully expecting to see Lunch, I see Jinx's frantic face peeking up. She's trapped and can't pull herself out since the fan is rotating toward her as she tries to climb out. For the love of peace and sanity in a home!!! I rotate the fan toward me and Jinx is able to get out, thank goodness. She looked pretty unharmed, so I grabbed her by the back of the neck and tossed her out onto the dining room floor and replaced the cover to the cooler.

Jinx was all wet, under the belly, all over the legs, soaked tail, and even up onto her lower back. She pissed herself. *Side note: I am writing "she" and "her," but Jinx is really a boy.* So it's smelly boy cat pee. The really nasty stuff. Why is it that male pee has to be so freaking stinky? Whether it's a cat or a man, they are fully loaded to mark their territory. Yuck. Anyway, pee everywhere on Jinx.

Then I notice Jinx's behavior. She's kinda hunched, tail tucked, and walking funny. So, I look closer (getting nasty cat pee all over my hands) and her hind feet are kind of raw, the heels are very raw, the pads on her back paws are raw and some are blistered open, all claws on all 4 feet are mangled to the quick, splintered like crazy. There's blood around the claws on all 4 feet. And good hell, she stinks!

This picture doesn't show the raw heels very well, but her pads are a bit tender.

So, I go downstairs and wake Patrick up to, "Honey?? I need you..." Unfortunately for him it wasn't the good kind of needing. So, he fed the cats, showered (so he'd get hot water before we used it all on Jinx), and then we endured giving Jinx a bath. Let me tell you...dirty pee water is nasty stuff.

Jinx is now clean, we put hydrogen peroxide solution on her feet, and she's hiding in the corner of a closet...obviously not feeling well, and probably a bit humiliated for wetting her pants. Gross.

Meanwhile...Spaz has decided to let the other two cats constantly know of her disdain for them. I'm not sure if it is their bad behavior or their new weakness, but she's capitalizing the opportunity to mark her place as the stronger and better behaved child in the family. It's so annoying to hear her hiss at the other two all day. So, she gets swatted every time she does it.

Lunch is looking better every day...she's starting to scab up and there's no major infection, so that's good.

"Leave me alone already!!!" Lunch hates her frequent "treatments," but what can you do?
Nothing but put on more hydrogen peroxide solution and ointment...
then hold her for 10 min so she doesn't lick it all off.

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