Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our little Pepper is 18 months old

I tried SOOOOO hard to get a cute picture of Lola after church on her first day going to nursery.  Every single picture had some sort of a blur in it...the little stinker was so excited and happy and just kept running around the kitchen like a little chicken.  It was pretty cute.  I resorted to a video, which turned out quite adorable.

And here she is the next morning.  If there is anything around that can be climbed, she's on it.  Subsequently, she has several bumps and red spots on her head. 

This stage of development has been a lot of fun to witness.  I want to start practicing homeschooling by having an educational activity planned every day.  Nothing big, just something to challenge her mind and encourage her creativity.  I would also like to find some sort of a play-thing for the backyard that would provide a good climbing set-up.  Lola naps and sleeps so well when she can run around like crazy, so anything to facilitate that would be great!

Yesterday we spent the evening with my brothers and their families.  My nephews and nieces adore Lola, and they keep her very active.  She slept like a champ last night!

We love this sweet girl.  I'm trying to intentionally slow down to really cherish this time in her life. :)