Monday, July 28, 2008

Yard Sale!!!

Yep, we're having another Yard Sale! This time Patrick's sister and brother-in-law are participating as well. Here are the details:

Saturday August 2nd
8am to whenever

640 S 900 E

vintage toaster
home decorations
kitchen stuff
auto parts and accesories
and who knows what else....anyone want a 1950's Gyno chair????? :) Just kidding. Patrick would be really upset if we got rid of it. Although, for the right price....

Model A Sittin' Pretty!

Hello!!! I am happy to announce that there has been significant progress made in the hot rod department!

Patrick, his friend, Tom, and Tom's son, Dyllan, helped move the body into the correct position on the frame. They did some cutting of metal with a plasma cutter. The circuit/breaker kept shorting, so when I was out there I wasn't able to try out the plasma cutter. Bummer. Most of the day I just kept hopping up to switch the breaker.

It is nice to see some progress, though! Here are some pictures:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Patrick started a new job last week as a Pool Technician for Captain Chemical. Yeah for new jobs!!! It's a part time job with great pay, so we're exited about it.

The other night, Patrick was telling me that he is thinking about getting a Triumph bike, something newer and more reliable.

Keeping in mind that he already has 4 other bikes and a hot rod to build, as well as knowing that he wants to build the hot rod before we start a family, this just frustrated the hell out of me. We had a great conversation about "here and now" things vs. "eternal" things, and I think we finally got on the same page. I'm ready to start a family, damnit! :) I honestly feel that no one is "ready" to start a family, or financially prepared. But, when the time comes, you have to be willing to make that choice to further your purpose in life. There are so many great things in store for us as a family, and I hate putting it off.

So, we're still looking into a Truimph, but Patrick knows that he needs a reliable job with steady income for that to be a possibility. He's also looking into getting a job with benefits. Wow, that would be amazing!

I was looking at Health Insurance online last night, and some companies require a waiting period before you get pregnant. What kind of crap is that??? I hate insurance companies.

Anyway, progress on the homefront...we're on the same page as far as eternal vs. temporal progress, which means we're on the same page on starting a family sometime soon.

I'm working on getting on the "get a Triumph bike" page, but pending a few prerequisites, I'll get there.

I just want a cute little baby Largin. Can you blame me?? Our kids are going to be adorable!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We're having a HUGE Yard Sale this Saturday, the 12th. It's at 9 am. We'll have a lot of stuff, since we just emptied out our storage unit. Come check it out!

640 S 900 E

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lunch needs a new home

For the very few people who actually read my blog, I wanted to let you know that Lunch needs a new home. If you know of anyone who wants a kitty (even people who may not know that they want a kitty...), please pass the word along.

Lunch is a really sweet cuddly kitty. She is super playful, energetic, and a lot of fun. She is a bit mischievous as well. :) She is a polydactyl and looks like she has mittens on her front feet. The extra "thumb" has been declawed on each side. She has been spayed as well.

We have 3 cats right now, and it's just not quite working out. The personalities of the kitties don't always mesh too well, and it feels like I'm doing more cleanup and de-escalating than simply loving the kitties. I really think Lunch would do well as an only-child kitty. I think kids would be great for her, because they would give her a lot of attention and make good use of her energy level.

Lunch has been an indoor kitty, though she has expressed some talent for being an escape artist. Personally, I've had horrible luck with outdoor kitties, so I like to keep them inside. That being said, I'm pretty sure that Lunch would do well outside. The birds would keep her busy. :)

***UPDATE 10/6/08***
We've decided to keep Lunch. We had someone express interest in adopting her, but it fell through. Oddly enough, after that, she started blending in better and better with the other kitties. She's still a lot of trouble, but we love her. Patrick plays with her a LOT, so I think she's melted his heart. She's staying.