Monday, September 28, 2009

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our recent adventures

Patrick and I have been spending a lot more quality time together. Sure, we still sit in front of the boob tube WAAAAY too much, but at least we're getting outdoors more often and going on actual dates where we try to look hot for each other. It's been great. Here are a few of our "outings" lately:


My fractured elbow is still pretty sensitive, so I had to bowl left handed. Well, it turned out surprisingly well. I bowled 98 the first game!!! And kicked Patrick's butt! (I made him bowl the first game left handed, too.)

Alison: 98, Patrick: 76 or something

Don't mind my big bootie - the picture is of my terrible form bowling left handed.

Patrick was challenging himself to beat his speed. I can't remember if he hit 24 mph or 27 mph, but it was funny how sore he was the next day!


We spent a few hours hiking around. There's usually a river there, but it was all dry. We hiked downstream a bit and found WATER! It was freezing cold, but we got in up to our knees anyway. It was a fun day hopping around from rock to rock.

Isn't he handsome??!

We rode Patrick's Triumph up Parley's Canyon, which was fun all by itself! Then we went to the reservoir and hiked around. We had a contest throwing rocks at a big log in the water. Patrick won. :) We had a boat race with pieces of bark, tried to catch a trout, and had a lot of laughs. It was a lot of fun.

We drove up to Antelope Island on a drizzly day. I had never been there before. We drove around the north part of the island, then took the east coast road down to the ranch that is still there. We both enjoy walking around historical sites and checking out all of the old stuff. Patrick got devoured by some bugs. Either I'm not as sweet as he is, or wearing pants and shoes rather than shorts and sandals was a smart move. :) We drove back up to the north part of the island and walked out to the water, skipped rocks, and caught brine shrimp. Other than the wind, rain, and my allergies, it was a great time. Carl's Jr. afterward was pretty great, too.

Patrick looking for more rocks to skip.

I've been taking pictures with my phone, since I can't find the battery charger for my camera. They're not the greatest pictures, but they'll do. And since I'm the one taking the pictures, they're all of Patrick. :)

But here's one of me before a date where we ate at an amazing Mexican restaurant in Murray then wandered around a bit.

Going on dates and spending active quality time together has been such a blessing for us in strengthening our relationship. I highly recommend it! :)


The cats keep putting their toys in their food dishes. It's pretty strange, yet incredibly adorable and funny.

I'd like to think it's their way of saying, "Thank you for feeding us. You are the best parents of 3 kitties ever!!!"

***I forgot I had already posted about this, but I did have 2 new pictures...they keep doing it!!! So, repeat posting with some updated photos. Sorry. :)***