Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Magical" Birthday???

Patrick's 26th Birthday was yesterday. His mom says that when you turn the age of the day of your birthday (i.e. turning 26 on April 26th) it is your "Magical" Birthday. Cute, huh? To be honest, Patrick and I were both skeptics about this "Magical" thing.

So, yesterday morning we woke up and decided to go have breakfast somewhere. I was thinking of going to The Original House of Pancakes (sounds like IHOP's name, but they are very different) in Salt Lake City....incredibly big and delicious breakfast there! So, we got in the car and noticed a sign on a light post in front of our house, "Estate Sale." I asked Patrick if he wanted to go, and of course he said YES.

There were soooooo many cute dishes, teapots, saucers, teacups, etc. Some guy had bought all of the old furniture and they were loading it up into a truck. Patrick found an old drink thermos that is super retro and in great condition. He also fell in love with a vintage laundry basket...wicker with a cool looking top. I'll admit, I rolled my eyes at that purchase, but it was his birthday. Then I found a cool planter that is a tower with eight or so arms that hold little pots. A pot sits on the bottom for any crawling plants. So it was a really fun stop for us.

We got back in the car and started heading south again and saw a Yard Sale sign. So, we stopped there. Patrick found 4 Beatles albums in vinyl. The albums are: Hey Jude, Let it Be, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Magical Mystery Tour with a 24-page full color picture book. The story of the Magical Mystery Tour is cute, funny, and odd. Great pictures and designs, too. Anyway, lucky Patrick...these vinyls are worth more than the DOLLAR he paid! Patrick found some books, too, and I found 4 mirrors with black frames. The frames have a floral design in silver on them...something to put in the living room, maybe. :)

Off we were to find another stop... we drove by a Scandinavian restaurant and bakery shop and decided to stop there for breakfast/brunch. We had omelets with cream cheese and smoked salmon and potatoes. The baked goods looked fantastic, but for some crazy reason we didn't indulge. Little side note...they have marzipan cakes! MMMMmmmm...I will try one of those someday.

We stopped at a few more Yard Sales and found more books, a little military looking lock box, a bag of polyester fiber-fill for my crafts, and the BEST BEST, MOST MAGICAL FIND of the day was an ENTIRE dark room set-up for $75. Every little thing Patrick needs to start developing his mountain of rolls of film was included. Seriously. Every little thing. And to top that off, the guy who was getting rid of all this equipment used it to develop pictures for an article about termites in the April 1978 National Geographic, titled Termites: Dwellers in the Dark. His name is Glenn D. Prestwich. Patrick is a huge fan of National Geographic, so that just added mounds of sentiment to his super deal.

So...perhaps the whole "Magical" Birthday is real?? Patrick says I'm his good luck charm, but he did find all this great stuff ON his special birthday. Either way...I'm only 2 years older than him right now, which makes me feel a little less old. :)

**I would have posted pictures, but my camera doesn't like me today. Stupid camera.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Project

Around the time of my last post, I remember telling Patrick, NO NEW PROJECTS for awhile!!! Well, that lasted a few days. Patrick found a frame for his hot rod. :) I'd try to hit all the details and years, but I know I'd get it wrong, so I'll have to come back and update that info. However, I DO have pictures:

My favorite part of the frame is the wheels. The wood inside the metal looks sooo awesome! I think they would make a sweet table somehow, but Patrick is giving those back to the guy that sold the frame to him. Apparently the hub part is still good and can be sold to another customer. Oh well.

Patrick and his buddy, Tom have already started tearing apart the frame, and Patrick has made several purchases of the necessary parts to get this thing legally on the road. I will document the process...because it's fun to see the whole journey. Wish us luck!

It's a 1928 Buick frame, and the truck going on it is a 1941 Diamond T. There's some detail for you that I otherwise would be clueless about!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The latest...

It seems like life has been pretty routine, so not much new has happened.

Patrick bought a new bike...I'm sure I'd get all the details wrong, so I won't try too hard. I think it's a 1971 Kawasaki. It works for off and on road. Patrick is putting some work into it, of course. I'm hoping it will be running beautifully asap so he can go on some good rides. I think he needs long rides like I need hikes in the wilderness. Part of us is just missing since we haven't been on any rides or hikes. Thank goodness Spring is coming!

I made a cute little "Love Ribbon" and put it up in our living room. I feel like it's good energy to have our love hanging over our heads. :)