Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Feline Herpes and Yard Sales...what more could you ask for?

This is turning into a blog about our kitties....

Jinx developed feline herpes (common cold for kitties) after her incident. Basically, one eye seeped clear fluid non-stop, her hear itched, and she sneezed constantly. I could tell it was miserable. Fortunately, it has passed.

Unfortunately, it is contagious among kitties, and now Lunch is sneezing. Another weird behavioral symptom of the kitty cold is that they hide and sleep a lot. I know, I know...they're cats. They sleep a lot and in weird locations. However, when Jinx was sick, she'd pick places she wouldn't normally take a cat nap. (Haha...I'm funny...cat nap...) Lunch is now doing that as well. Hopefully her cold doesn't progress as far as Jinx's cold did. And hopefully Spaz avoids it altogether.
Spaz is Daddy's Little Girl

Also, we are in the process of moving our stuff out of our storage unit. Yesterday it took 3 car loads to get all of the boxes and miscellaneous stuff out. All that is left is my queen sized mattress, box spring, frame, a grill, an amplifier, and a handful of car stuff. Patrick rebuilt most of his big block engine in that storage unit...shh, don't tell anyone. It was seriously against the rules.

Now my living room and dining room have turned into a storage unit. It's an overwhelming amount of boxes to go through. Most of it is mine, so I've got to go through each one, put Yard Sale items downstairs in our Yard Sale Room (yep, there's a room set aside for the purging of our STUFF), and then figure out where to put everything else. I have a ton of books and no bookshelves. And before my first marriage, I had a Pampered Chef bridal shower, so I have an entire kitchen's worth of Pampered Chef stuff. This is awesome, yes, however I have to empty out the kitchen to get all this stuff to fit. And we desperately need some shelves/storage space in our kitchen. So much to do...most of which costs a bit of money, i.e. bookshelves and kitchen storage.

We've set a date for our Yard Sale, though, which is awesome. July 12th!!! Our neighbors are doing it with us, so it should be a big awesome sale.

As soon as it's done, I'm going to turn into an interior decorator. Or I might call one. We've got to get this place turned into a functioning, comfortable home.

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