Thursday, June 5, 2008

NAUGHTY Gato and Gatas!!!

Last night our door somehow didn't close all the way, and by the time I noticed it, all 3 of our kitties were GONE. Fortunately it was raining pretty good last night, so Lunch and Spaz (the two gatas) were shivering in the flowers by the door. Patrick grabbed Lunch, and Spaz ran straight for the door, anxious to get inside.

Unfortunately, Jinx (naughty little gato!!) was nowhere to be found. Patrick and I walked all around our neighborhood calling out for Jinx. I had on slippers which were soaking wet, and my sweatshirt was getting soaked as well. We would split directions, meet back at the house, and go again. The last trip out, Patrick grabbed our flashlights and left some kitty treats at the door. We left again to circle another block. A couple times we heard a familiar meow or a jingle of a bell (on all of our kitties' collars), but no Jinx.

We sadly made our way back home and noticed wet kitty prints on the concrete in front of the door and most of the kitty treats eaten. It HAD to be Jinx!! So, we split up again, and Patrick found Jinx around the side of the house. When he called for him, Jinx ran straight to him...soooo cold, wet, and super fluffy, as a scared kitty would be.

Those naughty little cats! Today Jinx has been roaming the house mewing for some playful action, looking listlessly outside the windows...longing for another moment of independence. That little shit.

It was not fun to see Patrick so upset. It would have destroyed him if we hadn't found all three.

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