Friday, February 1, 2008

Our Babies

We do have 3 little ones, running around and keeping the apartment messy, teaching us tolerance, patience, and love for when we create our own little masterpiece. :)

Ms. Jinx

We recently found out that Ms. Jinx (aka Jinx) is truly a boy. Yet we still call him a her, a she. It feels wrong, either way, to refer to Jinx as a boy or a girl. Jinx loves to be pet, except for on her back, belly, love spot, or tail. And it's always on her terms or you'll get the growl of contempt. Weighing in at about 13 lbs and the oldest of the 3, Jinx is our big daddy...or mommy...I'm still confused.

Patrick acquired Jinx outside his friend Richie's house. Jinx just walked up to him and started rubbing up on his ankles. Could be that he has furry ankles... :) Jinx was a skinny little cat at that point and has eaten very well as an indoor cat.


Spaz is my favorite, I'll be honest. :) As I speak/type, she is laying across my arms and belly, which makes typing a little challenging. Somehow she tolerates the little movements as I reach up to hit numbers or the "p" and "y" keys. :) She's a cute little 8 pounder who is very independent, pretty docile when it comes to man-handling her, and a true sweetheart who will kick the other cats' butts if needed. She's pretty even-keeled.

Patrick found her a little over a year ago in a tree, wayyyy up high. He borrowed a ladder, got her down, and she instantly declared herself Daddy's Little Girl. Nothing has changed. When I moved in, Spaz was pretty upset, because I took her spot cuddling in front of Patrick on the bed. It took her over a month to even remotely warm up to me. We've gotten past that now, but she still prefers Patrick's lovin' over mine. Daddy's Little Girl.


Lunch is our newest addition to the family. My friend Leila moved to Hawaii, and Lunch evaded her new owner and another person, and ended up with us so we could take care of her while a new owner was found. Well...we bought a food dish and ended up adopting her. She is definitely the baby of the family who constantly provokes the other two cats. She scratches, chews, pulls, plays, and conjures mischief 24/7. She's pulled over our kitchen garbage, constantly empties the bathroom garbage looking for q-tips, keeps the bathmat and kitchen mat disheveled, pulls down the curtains, chews up the cord for the blinds, comes into the bathroom every time I sit on the pot, hogs the laser pointer, and drives us nuts. At the same time, she is so soft and cuddly, purrs so beautifully, is a bundle of entertainment, and keeps us humble and oh, so patient. I swear she is preparing us for children. If our kids are anything like Patrick as a child/adolescent, Lunch is going to seem like a walk in the park. :) Hopefully our kids aren't like me as a young adult, either! Anyway, we love Lunch. Sometimes I want to lock her in the bathroom (the other kitties too), but she's fun.

Those are our babies. We love them dearly.

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