Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One of our One Year Anniversaries

January 30th is our One Year Anniversary of our First Date. So, it is only appropriate that I share how we met.

Patrick and I met on Hotornot.com. Yep...on that superficial dating website. Haha! He clicked on my picture to send me a message that he wanted to meet or send messages via the website. I checked out his profile and gave the go-ahead. He seemed like a fairly normal guy. He had pictures on his profile with his cats, which I thought was a little odd, and odd appealed to me. Gotta keep it mixed up, right?

So, we talked online for a couple days and decided to meet in person. I invited Patrick to my apartment to watch a movie with my roommate and me. We hit it off right from the start. We were so comfortable around each other and the conversation flowed naturally.

Since we were so comfortable together, our relationship progressed very quickly, though we both resisted settling down into a serious commitment. Life has a funny way of pushing you along, though. In April we moved in together, and in July we got engaged.

I'm so glad I met Patrick. I've found the greatest guy for me. I know he feels the same.

Now we need to figure out what we are doing for our anniversary. :)

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