Monday, May 25, 2009


Our yard sale Saturday was a success. We made about $250, which was awesome. I had to go to work, so Patrick was the lucky guy who got to put out the FREE sign, get rid of more stuff, then take the rest to DI. It feels AMAZING to have all that clutter out of our house...yet it is still a little cluttered, or just messy from trying to pack.

We have decided that we are not moving into the house we were going to move into. Too many not-cool things have been already happening with the landlord, so we'll just bypass what could be a year or more of irritation. Now we're looking for another place. It might be this month or next that we move, but it's all up in the air right now. This causes much anxiety for me. Especially because we gave our couch away, so it is not comfy AT ALL to be in the living room watching TV. Bummer. Tomorrow I'll be doing a lot of cleaning to make our half-packed home feel a little more livable, since it may be another month in this place.

Maybe we should just pack it all and go to Denver and live by Kosette. :)


Cyrie said...

Hi Alison. Ya, I live in Salt Lake. Don't you just love following Pacing the Panic Room. What a great blog and super cute family. Good luck finding a place to live! Packing and moving are the worst...

wittygal said...

Great yard sale! Sounds like a good idea to hunt for a new place. However in Surprise there are LOTS of homes to rent. Good luck and we love you!