Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Grease Monkey is Back!!!!! And I LOVE It !!!!!

And I guess I should post about Patrick's new job!! :) I have feeling this one is going to stick. He's working at
Scott's Auto & Clutch & Towing

as a mechanic. He's so great as a mechanic. He's got his tools at the shop and is working hard. His boss, Scott, loves his work. We are so grateful that he found a great job!!

So, if anyone in or around Salt Lake City needs any work done on their car or needs to be towed, here's their information:

Scott's Auto & Clutch & Towing
144 W Crystal Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 485-4089

Patrick has had a side job this week, too...being my personal nurse. Let me tell you, he's good as a nurse! I'm grateful he was able to be home a bit more this week to help take care of me. I was having really high fevers, inflammation in my joints, headaches, and a strange rash on my arms, neck/chest, and legs. I'm rehydrated now because of Patrick giving me everything from the gentle glance to the stern stare until I drink more fluids. What a great guy.

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